Sunday, December 21, 2008

Artificial Tree

Here's my tree this year. Hannah did most of the decorating and I think she did a fine job. I know I've written in the past about how much I love my tree once I finally get it put up but at the same time find it so frustrating to have it in the house. It drops needles and drinks 47 gallons of water a day. I still find pine needles all over the house and have no idea how they get where they do. Every year I scream that I want an artificial tree so this year I bought one. I love it!

On a different subject, check out this painting of Cinco at Neiley Harris' blog. She's an artist who lives in Maine. The painting is sold because Santa bought it.

Yesterday afternoon, my family came over for appetizers and drinks. We had a great time and it was a ton of fun. Actually, Gary had so much fun, he drank way too much and told the porcelain God all about it a few times. I slept on the couch.


Sharpie said...

I love your tree and I love my artificial tree. MANY more ornaments get to be displayed for MUCH longer and virtually NO MESS. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh No! You've gone to the other side! So do you fake snow on your back porch too? Just kidding!

Living in exile in TN


Ann Smith said...

Sheri, I love your tree! And I'm with you on the pine needles. I figured with the puppy and with our leaving here on Xmas eve etc. that we'd resort to a potted plant with lights and a few decorations. But I love trees that remind me of my childhood. Your's does! Hooray for colored lights!

Hope Gary's recovering ok. Hugs to you!