Monday, September 08, 2008

Gum Under the Table.

Hannah likes to check for gum under tables.

In all the places we've traveled and dined with her, she ALWAYS checks under the table where ever we are eating. And do you want to know something gross??? There is ALWAYS gum stuck to the underneath of the table, regardless of how nice or expensive the restaurant is. She'll look under there and count how many there are. gross, gross, gross. This skeeves me out to no end. Just thought you might want to check under the table of the next place you eat out.


A. LeRoy said...

My kids do that also. Then they want to move tables. I tried explaining that they are all like that.

lime said...

eeesh, that is a seriously icky hobby. i guess we can be glad she doesn't collect the gum.

Donna said...

Sheri - that is truly icky!