Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cinco de Mayo de Man

Not too much to post about this week. We have a new puppy named Cinco de Mayo de Man. He's adorable and ALOT of work. I will post pictures of him soon. As soon as I can stop wiping up puppy pee in my kitchen and stop yelling "Cinco.... NO!!! Quick, Hannah!!.... get him outside!"

Gary's stress results were positively glowing! All heart fuctions and blood flow was normal! I am soooo happy to hear this.

Edited to add a picture of Cinco de Mayo de Man (Cinco for short). His birthday is May 5th.


lime said...

congrats on the pup and glad to hear gary's news is all good

Donna said...

Happy to hear Gary's news! What kind of dog is Cinqo and why that name???


Ariel said...

So happy to hear about Gary's results!! woohoo!! With the name Cinco de Mayo can he make margaritas? I hope so cause it sounds like you're gonna need one before he's trained!! :)

Martha said...

Cute, looks like a mini Chloe! Hopefully Cinco will like me a little more than she does!! :)

ccw said...

That's wonderful news about Gary!

The new addition is cute as can be.