Friday, August 15, 2008


Late this afternoon, we were sitting around the camp. Gary had just lit a nice fire and we were just enjoying the quiet of the day. I had cut some sausage up for Gary to grill for supper but was secretly was hoping he'd opt for something else.

Regina said she was hungry, I agreed and the word Chinese was said. Oh boy, out came the phonebook, the lap top, and the cell phones as we frantically tried to find a place fairly close and that also had scorpion bowls. We found a place called Wei Li Restaurant and headed off to supper.

On the way to supper the Great Falls Balloon Festival was winding down it's first day of festivities. The balloons were amazing and of course, my camera was back at camp. My cell phone takes crap pictures but you can get the idea.

I'm so glad we tried this new restaurant. Wow! It was delicious and not too expensive. Here's a picture (again with the crap cell phone camera) of my meal and scorpion bowl. Hannah loved the dumplings and my U Shang Chicken was superb! Regina and Rodney liked it too and Rodney even got a little daring and had a bowl of wonton soup for the first time.

Tomorrow, we are going to see a magician perform and then to a ham supper tomorrow night. Gary is fishing both days this weekend. More later.

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Sharpie said...

Yum - Chinese. Looks great even with the crappy cell phone camera (mine too)