Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Taken Over By Trash

I most likely am the world's worst blogger. Every single day I think... "Today is the day! I am going to put up a blog post!"..... then suddenly, life happens and I don't get to it. Oh well.
I just found out that Hannah won't be getting her free tutoring this summer. The grant for it did not come through this year. Okay... we can deal with that. She will still have her extended services through her IEP which will be about 3 hours per week of reading and math.
My house is a friggin' disaster and somehow... I just can't/won't/don't care. I wish I had one of those perfectly neat homes where everything was in it's place. Instead, my house always looks like it's at Defcon3. I spend a day picking it up and getting it looking halfway decent and then it's shitted up again in 10 minutes. We have so much stupid crap and junk everywhere. I'm beginning to think that most of it is Hannah's and I'm wondering if I did a trashbag sweep through the downstairs.... how loud would she scream? It can't be much louder than the screaming I do in my own head when I see all the clutter and junk.

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lime said...

oh man, i sooooo get this. yes i do. and it only gets worse when everyone is home over the summer. i say do what keeps you sane, even if it's the garbage sweep.