Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beautiful camp fire

What a wonderful campfire Gary built tonight!
Mark brought some copper tubing and Randy had some old garden hose... the combination makes for some beautiful colors in the fire. Blues and greens and reds galore.
I spent the day putting some shelves together, hanging lights and going to the garden center for some plants. I will plant some containers tomorrow with flowers. I'm betting it will look pretty!
Gary helped me hang the lights around the site this afternoon and they look great. Rodney and Regina put up a fabulous new gazebo/screenhouse that we affectionately will call The Taj. They got a smoking deal at Home Depot for it. It will be wonderful to have their table under cover for dining, playing cards, chatting etc....
Tomorrow morning, we all signed up for the campers breakfast. We are sleeping in a little, going to breakfast, then fishing, then trashcan turkey.
More later!

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