Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer sucks.

My mom is doing well. She's home from the hospital and has begun the long healing from her bi-lateral mastectomy. She's full of tubes and drains. Our town nurse is coming to the house twice a day to change dressings and check and empty the drains. She also checks her blood pressure, oxygen levels and for swelling. The nurse spends a few moments just chatting with mom, which is nice.

Wednesday, I take mom back to the surgeon's office to see if the drains are ready to come out.


lime said...

it sucks the big one. here's hoping mom's recovery is complete and uneventful.

Gina in N'Awlins said...

Speedy recovery and all good things to your Mom!



Martha said...

Give Gram lots of kisses for me! xoxo Miss you guys.

ccw said...

(((Sheri and your mom)))

Sarah said...


Timestep said...

I'm so glad she is doing ok. I'm so sorry she even needs to experience this.


Heather said...

Big hugs Sheri - I'm glad she's doing well.