Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Star Interview

The ever popular interviewer of the stars, Ms. Ann Thrope, over at Color Me Complicated has requested that I answer a few questions designed especially for me! Well, not really... I volunteered because I thought it might be fun.... plus she told me to get off my ass and do it! However, I did not have any inkling of the amount of brain strain this would put on me.....

Question #1. You find a wallet containing $10,000 dollars. Assume you DON'T immediately go on a shopping spree (as I would!) and contact the owner. The owner tells you that he's richer than fuck, and he'd like you to GIVE the money to someone truly deserving of it. BUT, he says, you can't just give cash. You may make more than one bequest. Tell how you would distribute the money, to whom, and why. Can't just give cash? When Gary and I were going through Hannah's contested adoption we needed money, badly, for attorneys. We had used every available dime, including an equity loan, we had to fund the initial adoption. We agonized over how we were going to pay because the attorney bill kept mounting up. If you've never had an attorney work for you..... wow... you have not lived. The minute they pick up a pen or the phone on your behalf, the $ clock starts ticking and loudly. I loved our attorney and I think she did a fabulous job but she was expensive. We wrote a letter to our family and friends explaining our situation and asking for any monetary help they could provide. Most everyone helped out and some more than others but one person really helped out and I know they pulled money from their retirement fund to do so. They willingly gave the money with no questions asked. I was and continued to be amazed of the generosity of some people. I would pay this person back. I can't do it is cash, according to the question, so I would buy gold with the money and give them the gold.

2. In your spare time, you've written a tell-all story about your family and friends. Assume that somehow, a publisher gets wind of it and ASSURES you it will be a best-seller. You'd make a fortune! You realize that many people will be hurt and angered by this book, but at the same time fame and fortune are whispering sweet nothings in your ear. What do you do? I would not publish the book, sell the movie rights or anything else. No amount of money would be worth hurting my friends or my family. They'd all disown me and I'd have no one to share my fabulous wealth with. A fortune would only be worthwhile if I had my family and friends to share and enjoy it with. I still wouldn't do it if I was assured of anonymity because nothing is safe these days and it wouldn't be worth the risk. I'm a weiner I know.

3. Assume I am a complete dunce in the kitchen. (Trust me, that isn't such a stretch!) Teach me how to make your most awesome dish. (This question serves two purposes. I get a cool new recipe and... well I can't remember the other purpose, but I'm sure there is one!!) I'm all about the comfort food so here is my favorite meal for ease and tastiness. Take a few pounds of country style spare ribs and brown them in a skillet. Put them in a 13x9 pan with some carrots and medium sized whole, peeled, potatoes. Whatever amounts you desire. Cover the meat, potatoes and carrots with a bag of sauerkraut (not canned!). Shake some salt and pepper on top and cover the pan tightly with foil. Bake in a 325 degree oven for at least 2 hours or longer. The longer it cooks, the more tender the spareribs get and the better it tastes!


Miss Ann Thrope said...

Well, I've learned some things about you, Sheri.

One, you've a generous spirit. Two, you're honest and loyal. And three, you're a bangin' cook.. I'm going to make this!!!

lime said...

hey that's a great interview. i was cheering right along in every regard until ya got to the saurkraut, bleh! but i still think you rock. your moral character trumps your love of sauerkraut in my mind. hehehehe