Monday, February 11, 2008


Just a quick update to let you all know that I am still here! Wishing I was someplace warm today though.... it is so f'ing cold. The wind chill has to be around -20 today.

Speaking of warm, Gary is in Florida this week. Doing... yup... you guessed it.... fishing. He called me this morning to have me look up the phone number of the florist in town. I'm wondering if I am supposed to call and order myself some flowers for Valentine's Day? I'll let this one ride and see what he does. I'm just thrilled that he remembered. Or, did he? He is with 3 other married guys so maybe one of them were talking abut sending their wife some flowers and Gary jumped on the bandwagon? We'll see.

I hate this time of year. The holidays are over and spring seems so far away. The ground is frozen and the snow is deep. It seems we have snowstorm every three days and you can't plan anything because of the stupid weather and wondering what the driving conditions will be like. No, I'm not bitter about this.
On the 24th, the owners of the campground have a big get together for all the seasonal campers. We are really looking forward to that and seeing everyone. It's time to start picking up a few things here and there for the camper and site. Guess that means I can go shopping!

I think I've been eating too many snacks at my desk because everytime I type a D or a J on my keyboard, something crunches under it. Maybe some Chex Mix crumbles?

Hannah has a Chinchilla now. I know, I know... how many more pets do we need? It's the most adorable little creature and her name is Gracie Jones. I'll take a picture of her to share but she looks like this little critter. Hannah and I ordered a new cage for her that is supposed to come this week while Gary is gone. We didn't tell him we did it. shhhhhhhh


mainiax said...

we are looking for a campgound that has cabins for the week after the fourth any suggestions
oh and they have to take dogs we cant leave her at home.

lime said...

well, here's hoping you get some flowers. and LOL @ the small critter zoo you guys are establishing up there.

ccw said...

Chinchillas are so pretty! I am cheap so we have the guinea pigs.

My soon to be niece-in-law is bringing a chinchilla (and a guinea pig) to the family.