Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wine Rack

Yesterday, Gary and I went grocery shopping for our get together we are having this weekend. We picked up a few more bottles of wine and I tried to cram them into the liquor cabinet or in the cabinet with the dog's food. No luck. They wouldn't fit, no matter how much I pushed and swore. My friend Regina has this smart little wine rack that came from Ikea. ...similar to this: I screamed and carried on how I wished I had a simple wine rack. Gary quietly left the room and went to the garage. I heard drilling and hammering and about 20 minuutes later, he came in with this. "I know it's nothing fancy," he said "but we can store 11 bottles of wine in a few inches of door frame space. " Amazing! I love it!
Here's Stephany, Gary's oldest daughter having her 1st lobster. She really dressed for the occasion.... making sure her shirt matched the cooked lobster. She came from Nebraska last weekend to visit for a few days. We had a nice relaxing visit with her and both her and Gary were thrilled to see each other.


lime said...

that's a pretty handy dandy wine rack there. glad the visit is a good one:)

dlyn said...

Very clever wine rack! My 1st stop by your blog, but I bookmarked it for return visits!

Ellen said...

Great wine rack. Very resourceful!!
This is my first visit to your blog. Looks like you've been blogging for awhile. I'm somewhat of a newbie.

Anonymous said...

He did a GREAT job. How nice that he did something about it instead of saying, "Yeah, you really need to go out and get one."

I hope the visit was a good one.

Lauren said...

Believe it or not, that was the exact same solution "A" came up with for the same dilemma. I ahve one that looks nearly identical.

WTG, Gary!