Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day 2007

Happy May Day!
I love it when May 1st is a sunny day. As I sit here at my desk I can see our lawn out the window practically growing right before my eyes. I need to get some oranges out on the Baltimore Oriel feeder because my little friend should be arriving any day now. He usually appears around Mother's Day. Here's a picture of him from last year....
Gary will hopefully get his boat back this weekend. It's been in Arkansas all winter having a new hull built. Tournament season has started but for now he has been fishing out of his co-angler's boat.
The campground is officially open as of today but there is so much water from that Patriots Day rain deluge that it will be awhile before the water recedes in the camping field. Luckily, we are up on 'the hill' and it's dry there. We plan to go up this weekend to get things cleaned up, opened up and ready to go. Of course there will be pictures of all that fun!


Mike Todd said...

That's a beautiful shot. Orange you glad you took it? Yes, you may punch me in the face now.

lime said...

happy may day!

that is a great shot!

hope you guys have a great seaosn:)

ccw said...

A beautiful picture!

melodyann said...

"orange you glad you took it?"
That Mike cracks me up.

Sheri, I wish I noticed birds and things like you do. I don't think I've seen a bird for about a year.