Thursday, April 26, 2007


5am - the alarm goes off and I lazily push the snooze button. Thus begins my next hour and a half. Snooze button, 9 minutes of sleep, snooze button, 9 minutes of sleep, and so on. Each succession of snoozing brings me closer to being fully awake.

I'm on snooze number 2 (it's 5:22am) and I suddenly hear the pitter patter of feet running in the hallway and the unmistakable sound of gagging and vomit hitting the toilet water. ugh. Hannah's sick.

I jump out of bed and run to help her.....rub her back and hold her hair back while she throws up everything that was left in her stomach from the night before.

Her temp was 101.5 and she said she had a headache. A couple puking episodes later, she's on the couch looking like death warmed over. She naps throughout the day after taking some Motrin. Her temp was normal around 4:00pm.

Around 4:30 she announces she's better and gets up and plays quietly with her Webkinz. She eats a good supper with us and acts perfectly normal.

Talk about a 24 hour bug!

I'm pooped out.


melodyann said...

Poor Sheri... and poor Hannah! Thank God it only lasted a day though..

lime said...

poor baby, poor mama.....thats' our job though eh, hold thier hair out of the way.

glad she's feeling better

Beth said...

I'm glad she's better now. There's nothing worse than a sick kid!

ccw said...

I hope she is still feeling better!