Monday, April 02, 2007

New Office Floor

Gary and I built our house in 1994. We cleared our own land and did our own electrical work, painting and staining. When it came time for the inside, we spent our extra money on kitchen cabinets... knowing they would have to last years before a kitchen remodel was in our future... and less on light fixtures and such. Gary is an electrician so it's no big deal to change light fixtures any ol' time. The carpeting we put down was a berber carpet and it was gray and cheap but we paid extra for good padding to help make it last longer. We put it everywhere except the bathrooms and kitchen. Over the years, we have replaced the carpeting as we could afford to. This past weekend we finally tackled the office carpeting. We've had numerous cats, a couple dogs and a kid in the past 13 years so you can just imagine what the carpeting looked like.

I had no idea that there was at least 3 cups of beach sand under the carpeting. How in God's name did that get there? There was numerous stains and dander and God knows what else in that carpeting.

The carpeting is finally gone and... I think it's looks great! My allergies feel better already. Even if both Gary and I are sore from all that work, moving desks and spending 2 days on our hands and kness putting the wood flooring down.... it was worth it!


Melody said...

Looks beautiful. I'm hoping to put a new floor in my living room this summer, We've had the same (ugly) carpet for 21 years...I think it's time for a change.

Iris said...

just this past fall I took all the carpeting out of my house and put down laminate flooring. I have never been happier.

lime said...

it looks great, and yo uwill be much happier allergy wise, i guarantee

ccw said...

It looks beautiful!

Is it wood or laminate?

Sharpie said...

Beautious!!!!! I am so jealous!! I am hoping to redo flooring (remove carpeting and put in wood floors - like the rest of the house) - but we'll need to not have anyone walk on them while they are drying and who can DO that?? I wished I have listened to DH when he wanted that when we were building!!!!