Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The sickies won't leave us alone! Hannah and I are bettter and Gary is getting worse. Today at 1:45, we are taking his muscle aching, lung hacking, feverish self to the doctors. He called this morning and told them he was sick and HAS BEEN SICK for a week. They replied "well, the doctor can see you Thursday at 4pm", to which he replied "I will see someone TODAY or this will not be my doctor's office anymore." They checked again and can squeeze him in.

Winter seems like it is so long this year.


Anonymous said...

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lime said...

unbelievably how assertive you have to be just to get the care you need. i hope he gets better soon.

Larry said...

The world is run by whoever yells the loudest. I love it :)

ccw said...

Feel better soon!

Kim said...

Don't you just wonder what goes through the minds of those receptionists? I called my doc and the soonest appointment was a week away! If I could wait a week, I wouldn't have called! I'm not a car, I can't wait that long! What's wrong with those people?

Hope Gary is feeling better Sheri, and I hope you are doing well too.

Beth said...

Good for Gary, but I'm sorry to read of all the sickness. Healing vibes zooming your way!