Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How boring can I be?

Still here. Just not much to write about.

Gary is sill recuperating. My GOD, what did he have????

Still working. I love my job. I've never had a job that I can truly say I love going to everyday..... but this one I can. Except for Pasta Purgatory Day.

Still waiting for spring. 61 days until the campground opens.


lime said...

good gravy, he's STILL sick??? what did he have,the plague? i sure hope he feels better soon.

Carmel said...

Iswear it took me a good month to get over my crud. I hope he's over it soon. Loving your job is so important. I'm glad you love yours.

Jered said...

Hey there Sheri- I visit pretty regularly but I never leave comments anymore. I just like checking in here and there.

Like you, just waiting for some pleasant spring weather... we're getting tons of rain dumped on us right now. I guess it's better than snow, but still.

Have a great weekend.