Saturday, December 02, 2006

Livingroom Wall

The livingroom wall before:
You know how I hate change. I despise it. It throws me into a turmoil and I feel all out of sorts. I told Gary in a fit of despair..."I have no closets!" That is what I said. What he heard was "I want a new closet NOW!"

The sheetrock starts flying, mockboards are ripped off perfectly good walls and the power tools come out. Rip saws, buzz saws, chopsaws, pneumatic hammers and air compressors are everywhere. Dogs and cats scatter as new walls are being pounded and prodded into place.

"We have to go to Home Depot!" he announces at o'dark thirty this morning. Yawning, I get up and oblige. I trudge to the Home Depot Empire and spend money on a new light fixture and a wall sconce. Oh and some new needle-nose pliers and an $80 fishtape, some Cat5 connectors and whatever else he thought he needed. B-o-r-i-n-g. Home Depot is like Old Home week. We always see people we know there and Gary ends up blahing with them for what seems like ages.

We come home and get to work. I play the usual role: Gopher Gal. He plays his usual role: Lord of I Know It All. They are roles we both are very good at from many, many years of practice and perfection. I am going up and down the stairs, out to the garage, back and forth to the work truck countless times to get things. I feel like I HAVE to do this because he is doing ME such a favor (I really need to work on this, don't I?) I finally snapped and started screaming when he asked me to drill a hole through a floor joist in the cellar. I tried, I really did, to do it but an 18v Dewalt drill with a 2 foot auger bit in it twisted like a friggin' hula hoop in my hands and I couldn't hold it straight. Not to mention, I yacked my knuckles on another floor joist,AND I was balanced on a chair with my head near a big spider web....EEEEWWWWWWW!

The new closet before the painting & mudding (thanks to Ziggy!)


Melody said...

Haha...Gopher Girl and King Of Know It All...You are soooo funny. Nice closet though.

Sandi said...

Did he say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, when he was done? :)

Anonymous said...

nice's huge!
what a be so friggin' productive, talented and who does what his wife tells him to do!

lime said...

looks like a groovy and workable closet. hey after 3 years of bbegging i fianlly got the necessary help so we could start painting our living room. i'm overjoyed!

ccw said...

Oh you have no idea how much I love this. My new bedroom is finished except for the closet. It's been months. Now, I have picture proof that a closet does not take months.

That looks like a nice closet.

Beth said...

How awesome of your hubby to get right on that for you!

I swear, all day I felt like I was reading about myself in blogs and here it is again ... I too am gopher girl! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Sherri...Doug Whitney is building a bar between Breton's store and the Messenger. Its gonna be wild! I hope sometime you are in Greenville the bloggers can all get together for some drinks!