Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My new haiku

Must think of something
to keep you all entertained
My blog sucks right now


lime said...

you always amuse
infrequent posts included
very funny stuff

ccw said...

You are so funny!

Obviously I am too lazy to create a Haiku

Anonymous said...

cracked me up! the picture & it's caption tops the haiku perfectly!

Mark Leslie said...

The blog doesn't suck but the haiku is pretty cool :)

Mike Todd said...

Like broken vacuum,
This blog refuses to suck.
Insert wife joke here.

Anonymous said...

I am more into Limericks myself...

There once was a lady named Sheri
Whose Blog was a little bit "deery"
She thought it did suck
But much to her luck
It makes lots of people feel cheery

NOW THAT SUCKS! But I have an excuse, I am at work on a night shift.

Your blog doesn't blog sucks....lemons.....big rotten, stinking lemons

Anonymous said...

No way Sheri! Remember young grasshopper-- You don't choose your readers, they choose you!

It looks like you have a pretty decent group of readers too :)

Anonymous said...

I have faith! Hang in there!

Hey, I just saw your "Today's Thought" and it's from ME! How funky that I'd stop by today and see it! Thanks for cheering me up...without even trying!