Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fortune Cookies

I've often wondered about Chinese food. Do the Chinese people really eat the stuff we have in restaurants here? How can chinese people stay so tiny eating fried everything?

The fortune cookie is one of our favorite parts of the meal. First, because it gives Hannah a chance to practice her reading and second, because I look forward to having my fortune told. One time, about 17 years ago, I went to have my cards read by a woman in Biddeford. She wouldn't allow herself to be tape recorded when she spoke but she did allow someone to write things down. I brought my then sister-in-law, Nancy, with me and she furiously scribbled every word that woman spoke. Sheets and sheets of paper later, we left the place and I could hardly make sense of what Nancy had written but we managed to make some notes in the margins to help me at a later time. Because the reading was for the future, I put the papers away to have and read another time. I can not find them now. We've moved 3 or 4 times since then and they must've gotten tossed at some point. I do remember she said something about a special ring I would have and that she saw me with my 3 children.

Gary thinks fortune telling is whacked. However, he was happy to get this fortune in his cookie. Nothing like a good Chinese fortune to tell you that you will be profitable! I began to get excited to read mine but first, here is Gary's:

Next, Hannah cracked open her cookie and found this wisdom. Perfect! She's a door slammer so we explained to her the meaning behind this one:

I was squirming with anticipation.... hardly able to contain myself, wondering what my infinite words of wisdom that tiny, tasty cookie treat would hold for me. Maybe an old friend would enter my life? Maybe a gift from afar? Wisdom? Knowledge?

No.......... just some good ol' practical advice for me. These Chinese people know me too well.


lime said...

LOL. great fortunes. i think the cookie variety tend to be more accurate than anything else, hehehe

ccw said...

LOL! That's so funny.

I love the reading my fortune through cookies.

Yvette said...

I like fortune cookies too.... I always like to read everyones fortune for them.

Sharpie said...

Hey Lady - I think you may have MY fortune cookie!!!! Was it the chocolate kind????????

Jodes said...

i love them too.

Mrs_Who said...

For fun, always add the words 'in bed' to the end of your fortune. The kids can't figure out why hubby and I are always laughing when we read our fortunes.