Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dr. Tosi

My sister, Sue, has given up her blog for the time being. I miss her writings. She always said she wasn't much of a writer (she was super!), but I really enjoyed what she had to say and the funny things she said about what was going on in the big ol' town of Greenville. Her daughter, Ariel, graduates to her doctor white coat this week. I still have a hard time believing that Ariel is in medical school, cutting up cadavers , as I type this. Seriously, I could not be prouder. She has gone to umpty-ump years of college to get where she is and I, for one, can not wait to have someone in the family be able to write a damn prescription!!!

Gary came home early from Maryland. To put it bluntly, he couldn't find the fish. I thank God that he had the foresight to admit that if he can't find fish during pre-fishing that it was a waste of time (and money!) to spend another 2 days trying to catch fish. My man does have some sense after all. lol Thanks for all your well wishes for him. I'm still very proud that he made it as far as he did this year. 1st in the state of Maine is nothing to sneeze at!

We are planning our trip to San Antonio in April. Our business associate from that town is picking up our hotel tab. WOW! I was so happy to hear this! I'm hoping we can stay right on the The Riverwalk and enjoy everything it has to offer. We want to plan a trip to Seaworld and the San Antonio Zoo. Plus, we want to stay in a hotel that has a heated pool so Hannah can have tons of fun!

Ariel is practicing taking blood pressure on us. Tonight, she almost severed my arm but my pressure was a healthy 130/68.


ccw said...

Congrats to Ariel!

The Riverwalk is a beautiful place. I'm sure you'll have a great time and any time the hotel/airfare/something is free it starts off better.

lime said...

well congrats to ariel! smart man ya married. and have a blast in the lone star state ;)

amyleroy said...

We have went to Sea World San Diego twice this year. It is really awesome. Our kids really like all the animals.

Yvette said...

Yeah for Ariel....I'm really proud of you too!!!
Remember my comment, "free paps!" I was only kidding...LOL
Sue tells me stories of what Ariel did on "juicy" and it kinda grosses me out but when she starts to stink...put some of the stink away stuff under your nose like they do in the movies!
Good Luck Ariel and tell your mom to create another blog cuz' she awesome at it...!!!!

Sharpie said...

Can you tell my sister to go to med school - because I for one want someone to write my prescriptions as well.

heather said...

i miss sue too. ariel is one smart and funny cookie....does miss martha have any plans?

Regina said...

Congrats to your niece...since we are friends, maybe some good, cheap drugs.....LOL! Now that I am home, I will try to do bette at keeping my blog updated. See you this weekend hopefully!

Beth said...

I had to laugh concerning the blood pressure cuff. I swear to God, I think my doctor's nurse just likes to see how purple she can make my hand!
Congratulations to Ariel!