Monday, May 15, 2006

Fishing Fiends

I can't think of anything to blog about so I'll share this picture of Hannah taken Sunday while fishing. She really did a great job and actually out-fished her dad. I'm thinking that stung a little but he's very happy that she loves to go with him. I went out for a little while with them but my heart's not in it. I have a hard time explaining it and even a harder time getting Gary to even listen to me about it. I don't like to go fast with Hannah in the boat. It scares the living shit out of me because I'm petrified something is going to happen to her. He really is a safe boater so I don't know why I just can't focus on that and relax. To see her face and the joy on it when she caught fish was really worth it.

What cracked me up was that she was using a 4 yr old Mickey Mouse pole with old line on it. She's been practicing casting in the driveway so this line has been dragged over dirt and tar and is full of burrs and snags. Yet.... it didn't break. Gary's using $250 G.Loomis rods and Team Diawa reels and she stills is kicking his ass.

Her disclaimer on her Mickey Mouse reel states: "Replace line once in a while".

His states this:
Team Daiwa® -X, Super Tuned Features:
  • Super Tuned ball bearing package with seven ultra precision ball and roller bearings
  • Ultra lightweight 70/75 aircraft aluminum spool, perforated on 103 size for lighting-fast spool startup
  • Rigid, one-piece aluminum alloy frame with machined alloy sideplates
  • Free-Floating Spool totally separated from gearing on outcast for minimal friction
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Magforce®-V automatic magnetic anti-backlash system (Original Magforce$reg; on 100 size)
  • High-tensile brass drive gear with phosphor bronze pinion
  • Quick takedown sideplate
  • Cut-proof, Titanium Nitrided line guide

Sounds pretty impressive, doesn't it?

Here is a video of her catching a nice 2.5lb smallmouth. Click HERE to watch


Carol said...

You go Hannah -- Maybe she'll be on the professional circuit someday!

Sue said...

Way to go Hannah! Awesome fish!

Sharpie said...

Awesome!! Well, at least Hubby takes her - mine bought my kids poles 2 years ago and they still are in their original packaging....

ccw said...

Great picture!

That is wonderful about her MM pole. That makes a great story!

Larry said...

That rocks!

lime said...

LOL, that's too funny about hannah outfishing dad with a junked up mickeymouse pole. good for her. but best of all the special memories made:)

melodyann said...

Too funny, Sheri! My Hopie always outdoes her dad during deer season. All of his friends and co-workers are always calling during hunting season asking, "Has Hope got anything yet?" They never ask what her dad got. hee

Ryan said...

alright hannah u go! awesome post!

Heather said...

Way to go Hannah!! Cute pic!