Thursday, April 13, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Just a real short post tonight because nothing too exciting is happening around here lately.

Hannah had her Spring Concert the other night and that was interesting. The theme of the concert was "Let's Get America Singing....Again!" Her music teacher is embracing the fact that most children don't do alot of singing anymore (mostly due to tv, cd's, Walkmen, IPods etc...) and has been encouraging lots of it in school and at home. It was amazing to hear that some of the children at school had never sung I've Been Working on the Railroad. What the hell is this world coming to????

We've always done alot of singing here at Deerledge. We're not that good..... we can half carry a tune and I've been trying to teach Hannah to sing rounds with me. She gets all confused but we have fun trying. her concert, she had a line to speak. She practiced it faithfully day and night for the past week. She had to step to the microphone and say "I hear America singing...again." She had it down pat. She was going to be perfect! Well, dear internet, you can imagine Gary's and my surprise when she stepped up to the microphone and loudly said "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!" Oh my God, I groaned. Gary and I looked at each other, eyebrows raised, and said "What the hell did she just say?" and started laughing. Later on we saw her step to the mike and say her line correctly and she told us after the concert that she had to fill in for someone at the last moment. She did a super job! I'd rather eat dirt than speak in front of a crowd of people and here was my daughter.... up there, standing tall, speaking and looking at the crowd. I was so proud of her!


Melody said...

Good for Hannah! I remember getting physically ill when I had to get up in front of the class to give a speach. I still feel my face getting red if I have to speak in public. I've always envied people who were good public speakers.

lime said...

aww, good for her! it really is incredible to think how many folk songs are being lost. glad the music teacher is reviving them

Larry said...

That's awesome :) I was never a kid for singing myself, but there's a good reason for that!

And Sheri-- maybe it's good that your daighter isnt singing child labor songs like "I've been working on the railroad"! Just saying :)

Sharpie said...

I thiught about singing that with my kids - but got as far as "All the Live Long Day" and realized I have no idea how the rest of the song goes!! LOL Maybe Hannah could help me out!!

Sarah said...

That is awesome...I was horrible at public speaking, also. My daughter is a total ham if you give her a microphone. ;-)
Have a great weekend, too!

Stephany said...

Good for Hannah!! I hated speaking or singing or anything in front of people. It sounds like she done great!!

Have a Happy Easter!!