Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Am I Weird?

My blog pal, Sherry, tagged me with a MeMe to list 6 weird things about myself that the whole wide internet is dying to know. This was a few days ago and I've been wracking my brain trying to think of 6 things so without further ado.....

1. I have to count the money in my wallet. This drives Gary bonkers when we are on vacation and I'm carrying some cash around. I have to keep taking it out and counting it, rearranging it and putting it just so back in my wallet. I usually don't carry cash.... I use my debit card....so maybe it's the novelty of it?

2. My siblings and I all have first names that start with S and have 5 letters in them. Our middles names start with A and have 4 letters in them. We are, in order:
  • Scott Alan
  • Susan Anne
  • Sheri Alix
  • Shawn Adam
  • Stacy Alma

Do you think my mother had too much time on her hands? Poor Stacy....we used to call her Stacy Almer Fudd... and it drove her nuts. I like my middle name (Alix) and I'm glad my parents didn't agree to name me Sybil like my mother wanted to.

3. Apparently, you can forget how to ride a bike as demonstrated by myself almost taking a header in the driveway. That's all I'm saying about that.

4. Raw chicken makes me gag. Now, come one, I didn't say I eat raw chicken but I can not stand to touch it. The wrinkly skin is what does it. When it came time to butcher the chickens on our farm, I never could help pluck them. Thank God, my family understood this and has only teased me unmercifully for years about it. The pin feathers freaked me out and still do. I'm telling you......if you've never had the pleasure of seeing a dead chicken with all the feathers gone except the pin feathers....you haven't friggin' lived!! Actually, I'm feeling a little nauseated just typing about it now. blech

5. I sometimes drive my husband crazy asking him questions. I can't help it. When I ask him a question, he says I keep asking the same question 100 different ways until he gives the answer I want to hear.

6. My bedroom is always a mess and I don't care. I can not stand my house being a mess but having a messy bedroom doesn't bother me at all. I never clean my bedroom. Never....well, maybe a vacuum it once in a while or try to straighten it out but it always goes back to being a mess.


ccw said...

I had a great aunt named Alma. I didn't realize that anyone under 70 had this name.

Raw chicken is gross.

I never make my bed. The room is usually clean, but the bed is always unmade, unless my husband makes it because he likes a made bed.

Timestep said...

Fun. Thanks for sharing the six things.

I love learning about people's quirks.


Michele said...

I am with you on the raw chicken! I cook it two or three times a week but I practically bleach the entire kitchen and wear a Haz-Mat suit when I do. And I can only deal with boneless, skinless.

When I was pregnant I cooked a whole roast chicken and when I went to take it out (because the little popper thingy popped) blood was still coming out of the inside cavity. I threw the whole thing, pan and all, in the trash and we have never had it again.

PS - A odd as I feel, I had a hard time coming up with my 6 things too!

Stephany said...

Chicken is disgusting, and when i was younger my parents MADE me clean chickens. I would bawl and scream and that just pissed them off and i had to do twice as many.

I count my money all the time and have to have it all facing the same direction also. Dan gets so irritated at me.

My bedroom well lets not talk about that place, often times im scared to go in there myself..lol

Chicka said...

I could never have lived on a farm. I need mine skinless and boneless thankyew. UGH!

. said...

SO I am not the only blogger to have had to pluck chickens. IT totally disgusted me!

Sandi said...

I don't even like to eat chicken! But yes I had to pluck some when I was younger, and gut and clean fish too. For me it is a toss up wich is grosser, the fish or the chicken.

Carmel said...

Chicken doesn't come on a styrofoam tray and wrapped in cellophane? It doesn't come frozen in large quantities from Sam's Club? That is the ONLY way I handle chicken. That skin is nasty.

Mark Leslie said...

Wow, the name thing - really cool, very interesting, actually. What a creative Mom you had.

I guess the scene with Mr Bean and the turkey on his head kind of freaked you out ('cause it looks so much like a chicken, only larger)

macboudica said...

I am with you on the messy bedroom! Who sees it anyway?

And they chicken, definately gross.

By the way, thanks for checking out my blog!