Friday, February 17, 2006

Just Because

Yesterday we rode to pick the boat up. Hannah went with us because I wasn't sure we would return in time for the bus to drop her from school. She's only 7 and I think that's too young to be home alone. Even for a short time....I'm not comfortable with it. Some people would probably think I'm being over-protective and that 7 isn't too young.... Maybe I watch too many horror stories on the news about kids being left alone. Oh well...... someday I'll let the apron strings go a little slack.

Thought you might enjoy this photo of our truck's outside thermometer and Mother Nature Gone Mental. Truthfully, everyday I'm in awe of this weather. 61 degrees in February?!? Tonight a scary Siberian Artic Express is supposed to blow down from Canada (thanks guys!) to show us who's boss. I think the high for tomorrow is supposed to be something like 10 degrees. My blood keeps thickening and thinning this winter.... it's weird!

I took this picture of Gary yesterday. When we picked up the boat, he thought he'd better check everything before we drove the 3 hours back home with it. Thank God he did because a breaker switch was bad and the bilge pump wasn't working. The scowl look on his face is as he was walking into the service department to tell them about it. He did get both items fixed before we left. I love this picture of him - he just gets better looking to me everyday.


ccw said...

I don't think you are overprotective. I don't like to leave Kid L and she's 10. I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever left her alone and then we are talking about maybe 15 minutes. So, I would be the pot calling the kettle black if I thought you were being too protective.

It was warm here yesterday, but today is it 30 degrees colder. :(

I love the picture! I think it is wonderful that Gary just keeps looking better. Something is going right in your relationship. Everyone should be so lucky.

Have a great weekend!

Melody said...

You are absolutely right...7 is too young to be home alone,even for a short time. Your hubby looks a 'tad' cranky in that pic but you gotta love the 'racoon' eyes that he has going. It's freezing rain here at the moment and blowing like crazy. WTF is Right...give me a break will it SPRING or is it WINTER.

Marie said...

Hey Sheri,

Yeah, isn't this Maine weater something? Totally f*&&ed up...A gust of wind blew out one of my porch windows--which got cracked during that freakish January hurricane-like weather we had. Fortunately, it's thick plastic, so no harm. But, it did scare the shit out of me.

As for leaving the kid alone, you're not overprotective. Miss Cailyn is 8 and I've only left her here a couple of times (usually when she's pretty sick) when I've gone around the corner to pick up Erin from preschool. Everything in the house is locked up and she has strict instructions to never answer the door. Cailyn seems to think she doesn't need a sitter; it's my job to give her a reality check. So, no, she won't be spending any time alone in the house on a regular basis until she leaves for college, I think. LOL

Yeah, I'm not the world's best parent. *hides head in shame*

There are too many scary stories about what happens to kids to leave them alone all the time. I marvel at kids who go home alone all the time--and yes, there are some in my area who do that.

So, stand by your principles. They are the right!

Ok, I gotta go get the stuff out of my backyard before they become flying projectiles.

Have a good one!

sherry said...

I TOTALLY agree, 7 years old is way to young to be home alone. Of course, that's just me.

And yes, that man? Hunky!!!

Sue said...

Am I the only one who thinks its strange that you're picking up your boat in February? We won't be boating until May! Your man is possessed by a bass demon!

DixieDarlin' said...

You're being a good momma. Any momma who would leave a 7 year old by herself is being selfish.

FunkyB said...

Seven is NOT old enough to be home alone. You aren't being over protective. Do not, I repeat, do NOT beat yourself up.

Sure, she MIGHT have been fine... but MIGHT is not good enough for me, either.

You're a good mommy.

. said...

OK...just enjoy that 61 degrees. It was 65 here on 7 degrees!!!

Cylithria™ said...

Wow Sheri, Gary is a hottie even with the scowl. I'd scowl too finding parts and pieces broken on my baby, er...I mean boat! I have to agree, seven is too young to leave home alone. Heck I dont like leaving my 14 year old home alone so I don't. I am of the opinion that better safe then sorry - at all times possible!!!

And Scotty........ no fair I want your weather it is currently like 5 degree's here. brrrrrrrr

Chicka said...

It's 17 degrees here. Ugh.

And 7 IS too young to be left alone for more than five minutes.

Larry said...

7 is too young to be alone. When I worked at the Loft we had this one kid, Sean, who always had to call around the different bars to try to find his dad. It would be 9 at night and this poor kid had to do that every time. He was 11. I think it's really sad how little some people actually care about their kids. Hannah's going to turn out great :)

lime said...

we are having the same insane weather swings. it's a bipolar winter i tell ya.

if i saw that scowl comign at me i think i'd do whatever it took to remove it. glad ya got results. and yeah, he;s cute, even scowling

melodyann said...

I agree with Larry. 7 is definitely too young to be home alone.

You're a good mom, Sheri.

And isn't your old man a cute hunk of beef!


Jered said...

Wow! We were having that same weather last week. We had that huge snowstorm the Saturday/Sunday prior, then just 5 days later Philadelphia hit a high of 61 or 62... but then on Saturday we dropped to a high of 31.

The weather is sure getting more extreme as the years go on... hope you had a pleasant weekend!

Heidi said...

"Mother Nature Gone Mental" LOL For real! I am so sick of the temps swinging back and forth like a freakin' pendulum! Argh.

I agree whole-heartedly abt 7 being too young to be home alone.

and Gary is HOT! (even when scowling. maybe even because he is scowling... LOL) ;)