Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Doodle List & Request

Not alot going on today around here. I've almost completed all the tasks on my To-Do List, which is a first for me in a long time. I'm a big list maker. I make them everyday and gleefully cross things off. One thing that drives me bonkers is that the first thing I do everyday is make The List and then the phone will ring and I'll start doodling while I talk. I'm a doodler. I don't actually draw pictures.... I draw spirals, squiggles, swirls and tiny, little circles stacked one on top of the other in a pyramid shape. I can't help myself from doing this while I talk but it pisses me off to realize after hanging up that I've doodled on The List. We can't have that as The List must be neat.... so I re-write it. Even if I keep scrap paper on my desk for this purpose, if I'm on the phone, The List gets doodled on.

Is this my sub-conscious' way of saying "Hey - you can put as many things on that list as you want... but in the end... I CONTROL YOU, not The List. "

Lists keep me guided and grounded. Otherwise, I start drifting off into some realm of space where time has no meaning and before I know it..... 8am becomes noon and I've gotten nothing concrete done. Am I the only one this happens to? If I needed to find a piece of information from my highschool yearbook.... it wouldn't be enough for me to get it out of the box, get the info and put it back. Nope, not me. I'd get sidetracked. I'd start looking at it, flipping pages and smiling to myself as I recall memories . Then I'd get another book out and look through that. I'd probably make a call to my sister to ask her a question about someone (she's got a much better memory than I do). I'd make a couple notes to check something on the internet about so and so and reach over to put the books away. 'Hey, what's this" I'd say to myself. "A photo album, that I haven't looked at in long time! I better stop and look at that now." Before I know it, hours have passed and I can't remember what I was looking for in the first place.

I have a junk drawer in the kitchen that can cause me to head off to that timeless place as well. Before writing this post, I was sorting through the stuff in that drawer wondering where does it come from? How many pairs of chopsticks do we really need to have? Why do I have 1000yards of baking twine? How old is this stick of chewing gum? A button from where? Sheetrock screws? Birthday candles?

Your Assignment for today is this:

If you have a junk drawer in your house, please go to it now. Open it and remove the first 5 items and report them back to me in a comment. I need to know that I'm not the only one with strange things in mine. I look forward to vindication here.


Stephany said...

Oh Sheri you made me do it didn't you. the first 5 things I found in my dreaded kitchen junk drawer was a bottle opener, a disposable camera that has been used for only God nows how long, a screwdriver, a pair of old glasses, and a couple of keychains. Guess it looks like i had better get busy cleaning out my junk drawer

Sue said...

My junk drawer was too funny, so I had to do a blog entry about it. Thanks for the inspiration!
Just don't make me blog about what I keep in my underwear drawer!

Larry said...

First of all, supposedly doodles have meanings. Like zig-zaggy ones are stressful or something. Maybe I'm just nuts.

5 items from the junk drawer: A cassette tape case without a tape in it, condoms (hey, you asked), A CD player with no batteries, bank statements, and a nifty metal paper claw clip thingie.

FunkyB said...

Because my kitchen is in the process of remodeling, I do not have a junk drawer -- I have a junk ROOM! But some things I've found in my junk drawer:
roll of film
pencil w/out lead
owners manual

And I'm big on lists too, Sheri. I LOVE making them, but I usually don't get many things crossed off ;)

. said...

No must resist...must NOT open junk drawer...I have 3. How do I pick which one to open. I refuse to even go there.

ccw said...

First, the menus to places we seldom/never eat had to be removed to get into the drawer.

So it was: menus, small bag of extra buttons, a key to ??, batteries, and birthday candles.

Lauren said...

Okay, a hammer, one of those little pattern marker wheel thingies, a roll of picture hanging wire, a gingerbread man Plug-in with a dried up cartridge inside, and a near empty Ronson Flit cartridge (and I don't own a lighter that requires a flint).

Honorable mention also goes to birthday candles and Terro ant killer.

Lauren said...

Um, that's supposed to be a FLINT cartridge, not a flit cartridge! LOL

sherrypg said...

Instruction manual for a humidifier.
Winnie the Pooh cell phone cover - NWT
Customizer Scroll Kit (for pimping my ride)
Pack of Sugar Baby Watermelon Seeds
One of those little picture viewer keychain thingies from Six Flags. Remember those? They would take your picture and shrink it down to next to nothing and put it in a little viewer that you had to hold up to your eye and aim it toward a light so you could see. This thing is probably 13 years old! I sure was a lot thinner then.

melodyann said...

Oh my goodness, that was fun...

I found a calculator, a picture of some kid one of my girls used to "love", a cell phone cover for a cell phone no one uses anymore, the BACK of a picture frame, and a remote control to a fan that is broken.....

The calculator is a good one though!

lime said...

LOL here goes....
1.empty film canisters
2.twisty ties
3.campbells soup labels ( my son's school collects them to redeemthem for stuff)
4.those saran thingys that look liek shower caps for a bowl of leftovers
5.a screwdriver