Friday, December 23, 2005

Calling Santa

My little girl still believes. She just dialed 1-800-972-6242 to hear Santa's pre-recorded message about Christmas. The look on her face was priceless. It was almost as if she were listening to the Almightly himself. Well, I guess in her mind..... Santa ranks right up there with all that is holy.

The recording is ok. It has Santa saying how excited he is and that the reindeer are looking forward to the big trip. They've gussied up the sleigh with some new paint and fancy electronics so he'll know if he's coming or going..... unlike myself on Christmas Eve. One thing he did say is that he'd love it if he'd get a drawing or a colored picture on Christmas Eve when he came to the house. Ok - all progress must come to a screeching halt while my little Picasso fulfills that wish..... because Santa said to do it. Why couldn't he have told all the children to hop right to their rooms and give it a good once over? Or tell them this is their final chance to get on the "good list" and to quickly ask your moms if their is anything they would like help with? Well..... I guess quietly coloring at the table is the next best thing.

Thank you all for your kind words and uplifting comments to me during my gigantic pity-party the other day. I read back over my post and wow - I really need to open my eyes to what I do have.... something very special. I don't need what's elsewhere to be happy... I've got it all right with me now. My adoring husband and wonderful daughter who are the world to me and I mean the world to them. I'm thankful that my husband and I have our own business that we are able to operate together and it represents our retirement someday. My family enjoys good health and we have wonderful friends and family.

Life is good. Happy Holidays to All!

***These are older pictures of Hannah from past years.


Wenchy said...

Got here from Scotty's blog...

HAPPY, HAPPY Christmas.

Julie said...

Nice to see you out of your frump slump. I knew you'd find your way Darlin'. Love the post and I remember when I let Kristen call that Hotline. It was magical to see her face and see how she still believed. Those days are gone and my little girl now has her own thoughts about Christmas...Togetherness with loved ones, both near to us and far, the simple pleasure of walking with her Dad and I to see the Christmas Lights in the snow, and believe it or not, she doesn't care about gifts. She says "yes, it's nice to get gifts but I don't really need or want anything other than to be happy and healthy and spend time with those I love!" I have a remarkable young woman there and I know it. Soon Hannah will be there and you'll see a whole new magical side of your baby girl. Merry Christmas Sheri, to you and your whole family. Love to All! (oh, and by the way, I DO have an ear infection and am now on drugs for it! No Drinking! SHIT! I cried for two hours in my own little "pity party" last night...why can't the holidays ever just go smoothly?)

ccw said...

Glad to hear that you have decided that everything you have is great and the desire to be an acrylic wearing weight obsessing singleton has left. It happens to us all, so feel free to vent anytime.

The pictures are beautiful! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

lime said...

you are indeed blessed. the sleeping picture is absolutely precious! may you and your family hav ea very merry christmas!

Tatiana said...

Happy holidays, my friend! I am so glad your "pity party" is over.
Lots of love and happiness to your beautiful family.