Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rockin' Time at the Kora Shrine

I didn't do a Say-It Sunday post today because I wanted to share a couple of pictures from the federation banquet we went to last night. It was fun (for a change). Usually these things are the most boring, excruiatingly long drawn-out affairs. Fishermen talking non-stop about fishing while under the influence of alcohol - yeehaw. Gary made the State Team so he was getting an award. Plus our company had donated one of the bigger door prizes... a G. Loomis Spinning Rod. Gary's sponsor had donated a $1000 certificate door prize towards a boat at their dealership and there were other rods, some tackle, oil, a motor, a tree stand, paintings and other things. The temple they have the banquet at is the Kora Shrine Temple in Lewiston. It's very old and very beautiful inside. There are huge murals surrounding the entire banquet hall that one man painted over the course of his life. It's one of those buildings that when you walk into.... you just stand and look around whispering 'wow!'

The food was excellent... typical buffet but everything was delicious and hot. There was an open bar (Lord help us) that operated off tips only and I can assure that these Shriners know how to mix a drink. I ordered a White Russian and it had some kick to it. The 50/50 guys came around with their rolls of tickets and after a few drinks, the money was flying every which way as everyone scrambled to get tickets for the raffle and door prizes.

After dinner, the awards started and thank God, they went pretty quickly. Then came the prizes! I've got about 1, 692 tickets that I'm trying to keep track of when they call the number. I kept getting confused but it probably had more to do with the 724 drinks, mixed by heavy-handed Shriners, that I had. I lost track of what prize they were on and suddenly I heard a number that seemed close to mine! Holy shit it WAS my number! "I hope I won the day at the spa! or the paintings!" I think to myself. No such luck. I won a Baby Gorilla Treestand. WTF? oh vay - what a night this is going to be! The next prize I won was a gallon of Evinrude oil.... can it fucking get ANY better than this? Oh yes it did! I won a 7lb boneless pork loin (which I donated to the Soup Kitchen). Now, I ask you , my readers.... was this a rockin' Saturday night or what? Treestands! Motor Oil! Pork Loin! Only in Maine! How come if the door prize is furniture, jewelry or cash I can't win anything if my life depended on it. But put some redneck prizes out there and I am golden?


Sue said...

(Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)
I bet you were the girl every guy wanted to go home with, nice prizes!

. said...

Well I guess I can get beyond the NO Say-It Sunday post this week!

Sounds like a great time and I just want to say at least you won. I NEVER EVER wim ANYTHING at those stupid drawings!!!

Stephany said...

Well Sheri you must remember you are married to a backward country F*** from the midwest, so your the lucky one that gets to win those kind of prizes. I'm sure he was happy! lol

Melody said...

I won a pack basker once...WTF...I don't even know what it's FOR!!!!!

lime said...

OMG! Tree stands, motor oil and porkloin. I am dyign here. sounds like some sort of hunting camp recipe! I love it.

Chicka said...

Well, we got the boobies, so we bet the boobie prizes. :snort:

Looks ilke it was a GREAT time!

ccw said...

This sounds like a fun evening with bad prizes. I would not win tyhe good prizes either.

I'm not sure which is sadder, that you won a tree stand or that I know exactly what that stand looks like without clicking the link.

Larry said...

Well at least the shrine was pretty :)

Jules said...

I looked at the picture of the tree stand and I thought "How sweet, they make little ledges for the squirrels to come get food."

Um. No.

We hunt in Colorado, but you won't get me up to 12,000 feet shooting at a deer. LOL


Lauren said...

Now, Sheri... a good pork loin, marinated and grilled, is simply TO DIE FOR! What's wrong with you, girlie! maybe that's a Southern thing

LOL about the others though... Yee-haw, I got me some 10W 30 for my outboard! Hot damn!