Monday, November 21, 2005

The ABC's of Me

  • A is for age: 41
  • B is for booze of choice: either a Sea Monster or Baja Luna
  • C is for career: Professional Phone Answerer and Wife of Boss (which means I DID sleep my way to the top!)
  • D is for your dad's name: William
  • E is for essential items to bring to a party: Sue's Mustard Dip & pretzels
  • F is for favorite song at the moment: always my favorite: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.
  • G is for favorite game: right now it is Texas Hold 'Em... but my fave games changes alot!
  • H is for hometown: Right here in Southern Maine!
  • I is for instruments you play: I can play piano, flute and harmonica but I don't play any of them regularly.
  • J is for jam or jelly you like: Blackberry jelly
  • K is for kids: 1 daughter (she's 7)
  • L is for living arrangements: Gary, Hannah and I in our house with 1 dog, 2 cats and some fish. Mom in her attached house with no pets.
  • M is for mom's name: Carolyn
  • N is for name of your crush: Gary of course
  • O is for overnight hospital stays: Never (knock on wood) unless you count when I was born. I think back in the olden days, the mothers actually got to spend a few days in the hospital.
  • P is for phobias: snakes, spiders, elevators, flying
  • Q is for quotes you like: "What if the hokey pokey REALLY is what it's all about?"
  • R is for relationship that lasted the longest: Will be 23 years in January to my Mr. Right.
  • S is for sexual preference: My husband and our new bed. yeehaw
  • T is for time you wake up: workdays – 5:00, weekends: the same but tend to laze around longer
  • U is for underwear: Hanes Her Way or Just My Size for big butts
  • V is for vegetable you love: Carrots
  • W is for weekend plans: Lazy weekend at Moosehead visiting with family and friends
  • X is for x-rays you've had: ankle after falling off a ladder, chest when I had bronchitis very bad and my teeth
  • Y is for yummy food you make: Bread.... lots and lots of homemade bread
  • Z is for zodiac sign: Pisces


. said...

I didn't know you were a pisces! No wonder I like you so much...or maybe I did know and forgot!

lime said...

Nice list. i like that. I may steal that. hehehe

Melody said...

I will be stealing this...SOON! Thanks.

Marie said...

Hey girl!

Yes, I'm here and around! I LOVE THIS list! Hope you don't mind if I lift it for my blog. Let me know, cuz I'd never steal someone else's idea without giving credit (a big writer no-no) LOL

Now that the play is over and Thanksgiving is almost through, I plan on getting back to my former life--which means more time writing and blogging!

I've missed it, believe me. Thanks for checking up on me over the past few weeks!


ccw said...

I like this alphabet list, it is completely different from the other ones I have seen or done.

Love your answers!

Heather said...

Cool!! I like this meme. I think I'll copy it and use it, if you don't mind :)!!!

Jodes said...

I might have to try this!!!

Lu said...

i am gonna do this one too...copycat i am!

Jack said...

I like that song What A Wonderful World. It never seems to get old.

Sarah said...

Great meme! Love your answers, and think I'll do this one, too...great for when I don't know what else to write. ;-)

tatiana said...

What a alphabet!!! Personally I like your letter R. It is the best!