Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Tea Party

Before I get into this post, I need you to think about a commercial that is on television. It's the one where the hillbilly man is at the table with the upper crust society people and he wants the bowl of preserves passed to him and doesn't know how to go about asking. So, he proceeds to yell out "Could you please pass the jelly?" thereby horrifying everyone at the table.

Hannah received an invitation to a Tea Party this week. The invitation stated "Bring your Own Teacup and Saucer". Wow. I don't even own a tea cup, let alone a saucer. We are definitely mug people in this house. You know the ones I mean... similar to a beer stein...very manly coffee cups with sayings on them like "I Eat Dirt" or "Don't Speak Til I've Had 8 Of These!" And a saucer? Aren't those for putting bones on after eating BBQ Chicken Drummies? I need my cups to be able to go with my husband in the morning, bang around in his rolling dumpster worktruck all day before going through the dishwasher at night. Dainty teacups don't cut it.

Hannah & I decided to go to the local Flea Market to see if we could pick up one at a reasonable price for her to use. And she wanted me to get one for myself so her & I could have tea together sometime.

The minute we walk into the place she spots one and says "That's the one I want, Mom!" I pick it up and check it out. "Sorry, Hannah. I really don't want to spend $35 on a Royal-Dalton-China cup & saucer right now. Maybe when you're a little older. Let's look for something more in my price range for the party." That remark brought some snooty looks our way from some hags standing around. I could picture them thinking ... Look at that mother. She won't even buy her daughter the cup she wants. What a scrooge. I snooty look right back at them.

We wander around some more and come to a table with some really expensive stuff on it. Antique china tea sets, dainty tea towels and finger bowls. The owner of the booth is there and arranging items on the table. The snooty lookers are close by waiting their turn at the table. Hannah and I are oohing and aahing over the different items and she picks up an antique cake server and looks at it and the $87 price tag hanging on it. She furrows her brows in puzzlement, turns it this way and that and shouts to me "Look at this Mom! It's a cake shovel!" I start laughing and the snooty lookers gasp. Yes, Hannah, even the wealthy shovel cake too!

Now, could someone PLEASE PASS THE US THE JELLY?


Cylithria™ said...

This is too Cute Sheri!!! I was stopping by tonight to say thank you to you for allowing me to feature your blog in my 100 Compliments of Summer.

I love coming here and i love your blog lady! Thanks again!

Melody said...

Too cute...I REALLY want my babies BACK!

Beth said...

Hey lady, I live in the antique motherland. I could get you probably any tea cup with matching saucer you want for $15.00. I used to buy/sell them. I wish I had known!

Sue said...

So did you find a teacup under $10? And everyone needs a cake shovel!

Cindy said...

My dad is the "please pass the jelly guy." I love that commercial.

Is it just me, or is paying more than a couple dollars for a tea cup and saucer for a mug unreasonable? Especially at a flea market?

What kind of flea markets do you have near your house - they sound fancy!!

Sandi said...

Sheri, I don't tell you this often enough, but I love the way you write. I can actually see the expression on the hags faces when Hannah called it a shovel. :)

Sheri said...

Cyli - no, I have to say THANK YOU for having me on your list! I am so honored!

Mel- When they are young and innocent
they say the cutest things!

GK- I wish I had know that too! She did get a cute one for $9.

Sue- $9 and mine was $9 too. Nothing fancy - just lots of flowers and gold on them. Typical dainty looking c&s

Cindy- I am married to the "Please pass the jelly" dude!

Sandra Thank you so much! You know where I live is full of snotty hags like that! lol

Beth said...

Well, that's good, Sheri. I can get them much cheaper, but the $15 price are beautiful antique matched sets.

Kerry said...

Sheri, I just absolutely loved this post. You make me laugh, but mostly you make me feel good.


Chicka said...

Oh. My. God.

Next time, go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and spend all of $1 total. The fun is in the hunt, but wowzers!!!