Monday, August 29, 2005

The city of Babble-On

It's been total Boresville around here. Nothing is happening and everyday is just like the one before it. How's that for mundane? Wednesday is the first day of school and I'm looking forward to that like there is no tomorrow. It's been a long 10 days since rec ended!

It seems like everyone in the Blog-sphere is having a great ol' time. Over at Cecily's it's chaos with an abortion debate of sorts. It got so bad, she had to close the comments and it still continues on! Scotty is being a uber-cool dad as usual, making deviled eggs and all, ordering pizza and letting the kids hang at his house. Sarah had her bridal shower and the countdown to her wedding (5 more weeks!) has begun! Over at Celebrity Smack they continue to make me laugh out loud! And if you haven't checked out Snarkywood, please do yourself a favor and do so. Gotta love that celebrity gossip stuff!

Here's a good one for you. Here is lipstick:

Here's a yellow shirt:

Here's a yellow shirt (and a pair of underwear) on purple lipstick:

Moral of the story: Check your daughter's pockets before doing the laundry. Not only do I have to checks Gary's pockets for nuts, bolts, resistors, money and wire crimps, I now have to go through Hannah's for rocks and lipgloss. They must think a $500 washing machine can grow on trees.

Question of the day: Why is the offender's clothes NEVER get ruined in the said laundry mishap?


. said...

oh sweetie, I can sooooo relate to this post. I have turned into my mother. My kids are so bad boutleaving stuff in pockets. When it si money I claim it!

Melody said...

I've washed just about everything...and you are right the cloths ruined NEVER belong to the person who committed the CRIME.

Beth said...

Oh boy, I've had this happen too many times to count. I finally made my daughter get rid of all her lipstick. LOL

It's SUCH a mess!

Cindy said...

I washed my clothes after coming back from a girl scout camping trip with my niece and I washed and dried a blue crayon.

Now, I never used a blue or any other color crayon, but somehow it got in my pocket and I washed my clothes. Yeah, talk about sucking.

Kim said...

omg, you should see what goes through my washing machine.

sherry said...

I hear that! My clothes ALWAYS get ruined in the process...go figure.

Chicka said...

Murphy's Law.

So next time I'm gonna be the one to leave the crap in my pockets. Then everyone else's clothes will get ruined. LOL!

Tatiana said...

Queen, you are so clever! Will follow your advice next time I do the washing. ;)

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