Friday, May 06, 2005

I love it!

Doing a happy dance here. I think the new look is great! Please, give me some feedback on what you think. Are the colors ok? Can you read everything alright? Any suggestions?

Many, many thanks to Marie for all her hard work (insert clapping & whistling crowd here). What a sweetie. I feel so very special!


Monica said...

Looks great... you may want to put < center > before the start of your html code so that the blog is centered for those people that have a little larger monitor. It looks great either way!

Marie said...

*Takes a little bow*

It was my pleasure Sheri :) I am just glad that you like it!

Sue said...

I love the new look, and the picture of the house. Too bad about the camping trip, but it wouldn't be much fun in a downpour. I love Hannahs mothers day card, that is so sweet. My kids were always extra special bad on mothers day and i would usually cry. That was our tradition.

Miracles & Dreams said...

Looks great on Mozzila

I love changing my blog around, as you probably all ready could

Sandi said...

Nice change, I like the green.

Chicka said...

Very nice. (I'm picky though and "of" shouldn't be capitalized. Sorry - it's the Grammar Fanatic in me).

Very fresh and springy! I love it.