Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dandelions in the Wind

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday was an overcast day. We (as in Hannah & I) tried to sleep in but Gary called from Connecticut for a phone number at 7am. "Thank you so much dear for the one day a week that I can sleep in. Thank you for calling me and waking me up from a sound sleep. amen".

We dragged ourselves from bed, threw on some clothes and decided to go to breakfast and the Dollar Store. Hannah and I are Dollar Store freaks. We love it. I know some of the stuff is junk, but sometimes I can find some really neat stuff. Today I bought a big bottle of Purel Hand Sanitizer for $1. I also got a great tablecloth and those weighted thingys that hold it down in the wind.... for a buck! I always come home from that place just beaming at all the cool stuff I bought.

After getting home and unpacking the loot, we decided to go outside and work in the yard for a bit. Now, here in Maine it may be the middle of May but we still haven't been blessed with any warm weather yet. That has not, I repeat, has not stopped the lawn from growing like crazy. When the lawn grows like crazy, so do the dandelions and I begin to go nuts. I hate dandelions but having a child.....well... you have to learn to like them because kids love to pick flowers and present them to MOMMY. Big, giant bouquets of dandelions with that sticky, white, milky fluid coming out the bottom of them. The ones that don't get picked turn to fun little balls of seeds that kids love to blow on. This picture was taken when Hannah was two and hell bent on getting to the dandelions. I love the way her face looks and the wind is blowing her messy hair. We used to think it was so cute when she'd pick a flower and scream "watch momma!! watch daddy!! I blow danda-yions!" Of course we encouraged her to do this but now we are reaping the benefits of all that cuteness. A fine carpet of yellow is now the crowning glory of our yard. Today, I took my handy dandy digger and removed the worst of them and the rest got mowed down.


melodyann said...

You little one is adorable. Mine too, loved picking me the dandelions when they were younger, and of course they went in a jelly jar full of water and were placed in the middle of the table, where they sat and mocked me. I had the last laugh after the little bastards wilted and died, and in the trash I happily threw them, in time to clean the jelly jar for the next batch!

Melody said...

Those were the days!

Sue said...

Love the dollar stores! Some day you should go with me to St. George, Quebec. If the exchange rate is good, then its a 75 cent store!

Tammy said...

Ahh so sweet!!! You won't believe this but today as we walked and I saw Bug look at the "new" world of Spring through her new eyes, which includes her obsession with those beautiful, abundant yellow flowers we call weeds. What a amazing experience this is, discovering the world with her!!!! So glad to hear it just keeps happening as time goes on!