Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Feeling Good Today

Feeling contented today. I have a doctor's appointment this morning to get some blood work done to check the ol' thyroid and to talk to Dr. N about weaning off my meds. I think I'm ready. I've been on them since Oct 2002 and I don't know if I really need them or not anymore. If my anxiety and depression starts to flare up I would like to try other means to control it. I'm much stronger now than I was a couple years ago when it was all I could do to function through the day. I'll update when I get back.


Back from the doctors and all is well. Had 4 vials of blood taken and received some more samples of Allegra. We discussed my weaning schedule and I'm starting today. After they weighed me, I started to bawl. Fucking scales. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. The nurse had the audacity to say "well, it's the end of winter... everyone is bound to have put on a few pounds." I grabbed her by the throat, shook her violently and screamed at her "a few pounds my ass lady! Are you totally freakin' blind?! I've gained 24 lbs since the last time I was here added on to the 21 lbs from the time before that. Someone better help me figure out what the hell is going on with my body before I explode!" She crawled off, mumbling something about getting the doctor right away to see me. I love my doctor, Dr. N. She's real mellow and not condescending at all. She probably thought I was off my rocker, bawling, with snot and everything and asking her to please help me off my mental pills. "Um, Houston, I think we have a problem here... this lady is psycho" Dr. N said this while twirling her pointer finger around in circles at her temple.... the universal loony sign. Truthfully, I had gained weight and Dr. N thinks my synthroid needs to be tweaked somewhat and some mumbo jumbo about metabolisms changing as we get older. Yes, I know they change... I just didn't think they came to a grinding, screeching halt. I didn't hurt the nurse, although I wanted to.... the skinny little bitch witch.

Well, I'm off to the car wash to get the van's winter sludge washed off. I can't wait to see what color it is...I've forgotten!!

Did I mention that I hate scales?


Melody said...

Good luck with getting off those meds. Terri is still weining off hers, it's a long process but will definitely be worth it in the end. Trust yourself.

Melody said...

I hate scales too! No matter what they say it can screw up my week. If I've gained I say to hell with it and eat...eat...eat. If I lose, I say wow, I've done well, lets have chocolate for a reward. How warped is that?

lisabazillionkds said...

OMG I totally share your dislike for scales! I still haven't made my post partum appt..because I don't want to weigh..

Tammy said...

Ah Sheri, all I can do is give you a great big squishy hug.... (((((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))) Tough stuff, these health issues and growing older... you are beautiful, supportive woman that I am thankful to know. Hoping that everything gets "tweeked" and you can start feeling better.

Cindy said...

why is it that my scale at home says one thing and the scale at the doctors office says something 15 pounds different? Which one is right?

Mine. Mine is right. Of course it is.