Saturday, March 19, 2005

Holy Toledo

I can't believe the last post I did was Wednesday. I really meant to try and do a post everyday but I blinked and lost Thursday and Friday. I hate it when that happens.

I'm trying to declutter my house. What a chore. I really don't understand how one little girl can accumulate so much stuff. It's everywhere and taking over the whole house, including my office. Last week I bought a storage shelf for the cellar and I spent an entire day moving a ton of seldom used work manuals down there as well as boxes of envelopes, extra pads of paper and other assorted office things. I moved the tall library to a different wall and cleaned out the storage closet. I could turn around at my desk and see my large printer table area with the printer, a cup with some pens in it and Big Red, my Chinese fighting fish. He's in a large vase with a water lily growing in the top. I almost went and got my Zen garden from Mom to put there as well. Very serene and calming. Today, I turn around and this is what I see:

1. a headband
2. Binoculars
3. drinking straws
4. a used Kleenex
5. a wooden snake
6. 2 stuffed dogs
7. 3 dresses and a pair of tights
8. an empty water bottle

Then if I go into the livingroom I will find more stuffed dogs, blankets thrown over the couch and shoes laying around. Last week I finally got Gary to move the tire swing (YES that was a TIRE SWING) out of the livingroom and onto the back porch until spring when he can hang it. We bought in when we were in Texas and then had to buy this big crate to ship it home in. Please tell me....who else has a tire swing in their livingroom?

One time when I was out to dinner with some girlfriends from work, we played a game of What's in Your Purse. I won that game with having the most weird thing in my purse.....a bullion cube.

Now tell me....what is the weirdest thing in your house?


Tammy said...

Oh I hear ya!!! Who knew a little package could come with so much stuff, most of it pink, lol! I have always been a de-clutterer, organizer kind of person, but my office (which of course gets little use now that I am not working outside the home) has become "the" storage room for all the stuff I don't want people see when they are coming over. Who really has time to clean now?

The wierdest thing in my house??? Hmmm... I have to go look, lol!

Well, we have a tent set up in the middle of our family room. It is a nice way to bring the outdoors in when it is a blizzard on the first day of Spring. Oh, and Bug loves to hide in there...

Sarah said...

Oh gosh...gosh gosh gosh. As someone getting ready to move I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! I throw lots of stuff out...but I can't part with it all so some of it ends up in boxes....and then I'll have to open those boxes in my next life (oh, I mean next house).... yeah, right. I'm LOL on your bullion cube!! Hmmmmmm, not necessarily a strange thing...but I have this one "coil" thingy that I have NO IDEA where it goes. It sat out on my nightstand in my earrings, etc. during the entire time we lived in CA and almost this entire time in TX. Finally I said...."FOR SEVEN YEARS I've looked at this coil thing amongst my jewelry and I have NO IDEA where it goes!!!" Finally I tossed it. I bet next week I'll figure out what it goes to.

Continued good luck with the decluttering.

Anonymous said...

HMMMM...The strangest thing in my house...that would be...let me see...MY HUSBAND! Just kidding. I ended up inheriting all the "junk" in my grams cupboards when she died, so now I have spices that I have NO idea what to do with....maybe I should throw them away. Lloyd and I cleaned the basement this week-end, what a mess, every time we do it, which is about once a year, we swear that we will not let it get that bad again...but of course we do. Just how many fry pans with the teflon peeled off should one person keep?

Iris/Rissy said...

Definitely the weirdest thing in my house is the humans that inhabit it! With me being the queen Weirdo!!!! The poor cat, he is the only one who isn't a little off center.

Charlie said...

Weirdest thing in our house... I'll hafta break that down into categories:

Weirdest living thing (that I know of)... our cat Frank. He's 18, deaf, senile, spiteful, and can pee directly into an electrical outlet from quite a distance when he doesn't get his way.

Weirdest urine boiling in an electrical outlet.

Weirdest object... it used to be this 2-foot-tall white ceramic cat (or maybe it was a bunny) wearing an Uncle Sam hat. We gave that treasure to a friend, I believe. Not sure what would win the prize today. Perhaps a Victorian pickle caster passed down thru my wife's family. It took awhile searching the net to find out what it was. Looks like something from ye olde apothecary...with tongs. Apparently pickles used to be more revered than they are today.

Ali said...

Oh Sheri! That's funny! And I love your clip art - that little girl is adorable.

We are trying not to do it too badly and we are still able to put the family room back together again each night but I see danger Will Robinson. One thing that Pete is bad at is dirtying up so many clothes!! He has 2 full loads of laundry a week! My DH used to have the award for laundry - I have 7 pairs of undies, a couple of bras, 7 pairs of socks and a couple pairs of jammies. There is usually a t-shirt or two and maybe a pair of jeans for me. All could fit in 1 load set on medium. Yes - danger ahead.


Sleeping Mommy said...

love the graphics. LMAO at them the first time I visited. Now I have time to comment.

Weirdest thing in our house...that's hard because I am constantly on my husband's case to take stuff to the storage barn or his shop...airbag brackets for a car.