Saturday, January 22, 2005

Feelin' Grouchy

oh yes - I'm grouchy and I don't know why. Maybe it's the weather? It feels like I have a tiny, little shred of one nerve left and even that's going to snap soon. I'm even having a hard time thinking of something to write about here. I was going to write about Hannah and how much she dislikes anything with a seam, buttons, tags or zippers but I'll leave that for another day. All I can think of right now is this big storm we are supposed to be getting and how much I hate to lose power if we do. Gary thought he should go fill up the gas container for the generator....just in case. I hate to lose I really hate to lose power. It freaks me out. We have no water if we do, therefore can't flush the toilets. I wonder where this fear comes from? I know bathroom issues are a big part of my anxiety and I've pretty much got that under control now. However, when I think about the power going out I can feel the panic begin

Hannah went to a birthday party today and they had a magician for entertainment. There were 40 kids there and she had a great time. However, she did ask me if I could show her how to pop a balloon and turn it into a live rabbit. Sure, Hannah....I can do that Not only can I turn a can of tuna into a gourmet meal, weave my own silk for underwear, and make scary bedroom monsters disappear....I can turn air into live rabbits!

On the weightloss front, I'm doing ok I guess. I really haven't lost but on the flip side, I'm not gaining right now either. That in itself is a friggin' miracle. In the past 2 years I have gained almost 80 lbs. There I've said it. It's out in the open for the whole internet to see. I've got to be held accountable for this even if my meds and thyroid have contributed to it. Maybe that's why I'm grouchy...I'm bloated and I'm allowing myself to get mad about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Better times are a comin', summer is just around the corner. We got only a dusting here and Bre was pissed, she expected to have a foot or better of snow when she got up on Saturday, so that she could go snowmobiling, still having no license, she loves to snowmobile because it gives her the "freedom" she craves! maybe by March! My grandmother died over the week-end, she'd been in the nursing home for quite a while with Alzhiemers...a terrible disease, it was really a relief, however it does make me relive the day my mom died and the day that Vannah died...and any time that my entire family is in the same spot for any period of time is STRESSful...oh well, I will survive! I too am on the weight loss trail AGAIN, i packed on about 12 pounds over the holidays, I'm so afraid that I will put all my weight back on if I'm not careful...I've actually been doing well, food wise, since Thursday and I WILL continue that trend. Keep you chin up and Good luck. Mel