Thursday, November 11, 2004

Making cornbread

My little girl loves to cook. Here she is making cornbread to go with baked beans. Hannah has also helped make: cranberry relish, meatballs, bread, cookies, chick pot pie and pickles. She's learning to do alot!

Chloe had to have a retrobulbar abcess drained behind her eye this week. yuck. She's been pretty sick and I have to take her back next week for a follow-up.

Gary's gone to Greenville hunting and working for Andrew. Andrew is building a new camp and Gary is wiring it for him. Hopefully he'll get a few moments to visit with Dad while he's there.

Cindy's dog, Molly had 11 puppies. Gary wants to get one and has mentioned it to Hannah. However, I think Chloe is sufficient enough for a dog. We'll see.......

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