Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween 2004

It was a fun evening! We went up to Aunt Karen's, Rosie's, Kenny's, Thru Foxberry Woods, Pat & Angus', Kim's and then home! Tired by then. She got a pumpkin full of candy - yum! Hannah was dressed as a SpiderQueen. She looked great and Mom did a wonderful job on her costume. The costume did have a headpeice that went with it but Hannah just wanted to do the pink thing. I think she looked super and so did everyone at the houses we went to.

Hannah woke up again this morning saying her throat hurt so I am keeping her home and will call the doctor to see if they can check her today. Hope it's not strep again.

Tried to get the leaves off the front lawn yesterday but the wind kept blowing them back on. The wind was howling all day but Trick or Treating was not cold at all.

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