Friday, September 17, 2004

The Trundle!'s a picture of the bed we ordered for Hannah today. She needs more room in her bedroom without sacrificing the ability to sleep more than 1 trundle bed is what she's getting. Plus it has 3 drawers under the trundle mattress for a little extra storage. We also ordered the 5 drawer dresser and nightstand to go with it. Now we need to shop for twin sheets! Mom said it would not be a problem to downsize the beautiful quilt she made for Hannah's full size bed. I'm glad about that because it looks so wonderful in her room!

Gary leaves on Sunday for Winnipasaukee for the week. I hate it when he's gone for long stretches like this. Well, the first couple days is nice but then I miss him terribly and I know Hannah does too. He'll be home for a week then turns around and leaves again for another week....this time to Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. He's actually doing very well fishing this year and hopefully, he'll make the State Team again. We'll find out the weekend of October 2nd.

Jeff is back home again. Gary and I both hope that Cindy and Jeff will be able to work together and work things out. It's hard to forgive and forget. It's ok not to forget but the forgive HAS to happen or they won't make it. We sent them a card today offereing our support and love to them both.

My cyber friend, Karen has been caching with her family and it look like so much fun! I really want to try it with Gary and Hannah. There's quite a few caches in our area and I think it would be a great way to get outdoors , get exercise and be together. Plus, as a bonus...Hannah would learn how to use a GPS!

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O_Scientist said...

What a nice looking bed! Better than my kids who have to sleep on crib mattresses on the floor of our bedroom :-) (OK, maybe that was their own choice LOL)

If you don't have a GPS yet, you could always hit some letterboxes, It has the fun of the hunt and the find, just no goodies to trade. There is a stamp and a log book though.