Sunday, August 01, 2004

Can it get any muggier?

wow - this is incredible! The humid, muggy weather is so oppressive and sticky - yuck! It's supposed to dry off in the middle of the week though. I certainly will welcome that so the house can 'dry' out - everything feels gross. We are still stubbornly refusing to put those electricity hogging a/c's in. The nights cool off very nicely and it's not bad sleeping.

Hannah went to Taylor's birthday party yesterday. Taylor was so exicted to see Hannah and couldn't wait to tell her that she had patted an alligator in Louisianna while on a swamp tour. How fun! Gary and I would love to take Hannah on a swamp tour sometime. We spent alot of time in the bayous when we lived in Mississippi and went fishing. We even saw an 12' alligator just sunning himself in a pool of water.

Haven't seen Stacy or Shawn lately. I know Shawn & Sarah have been spending alot of time of the boat and Austins birthday is tomorrow.

Hannah is still loving rec. They have 3 weeks left and then it's over. This week they are going to the Hamatack Theater and Buganut Pond. Next week it's Aquaboggin!

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