Thursday, June 03, 2004

Scrapbook Class

Weather; dreay, cool and showers - mid 50's am Bright sun pm

Scrap class was fun! I got a few pages started and then finished them when I got home. It's nice to get out to visit with others - even if it's for a short time. Marv's mother is visiting from Dallas and as always - she's very fun to talk with.

Voluntered at Hannah's class this afternoon. Only 2 more Thursday's to go and school will be out. I have really enjoyed being part of her class and meeting all the other children. They are a great bunch.

Cindy called to tell me that she had gotten a summer job driving bus for Waterville. It starts on 6/28 so she will be cutting thier cottage stay short. I'm sorry to hear this but do understand.

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