Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hannah's sick

Weather: Hazy, Hot, Humid 80's

Hannah's got strep throat. I took her to the doctors yesterday because she just hasn't been getting better. She's had such a bad cough and cold for so long. They did a rapid strep test and it was positive. She's on antibiotics for 5 days and couldn't go to school yesterday so that brought on the tears because she was going to miss her field trip to Parson Beach. Gary and I took her down to GRB for a nice long walk before supper and she jumped in the waves. Today she can go to school and they are going to Kbunk Beach with the 7th graders to learn about tidepools. It's supposed to be very hot today so a trip to the beach will be refreshing!

We were planning to go to Arizona early next year but I think we've decided to go back to South Padre. We had so much fun there and it will give us a chance to see Gary's mom again.

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