Friday, May 21, 2004

Gary's gone fishing

Weather: warm and sunny - High 60's

Hannah and I are on our own for the weekend. Of course, Mom is here and Austin is spending the night. Shawn and Sarah are going to a birthday party. We like to have Austin visit because Hannah enjoys it so much! They do get rambuctious sometimes but they basically play well together. Gary is also going to Canada, with Carl, next weekend to go bear hunting.

Mom and I have been working hard at getting the yard straightened out with some different planting areas. It's hard to plant perennials knowing that we won't see any big results till next year. Gary is trying to get the use of a backhoe type machine to do some moving and digging of the larger stuff.

We had a BBQ for Ariel's graduation last weekend at the house. Sue and Mom took care of all the food and Gary did the grilling. It was a fun time and everyone is so proud of Ariel. Grammie, Harold and Shelley came too. It was great to see them.

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