Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thought I would take a moment and update my blog.  I can't believe my last post was shortly after my brother, Scott died, almost 2 years ago.  I'm such a slacker

Gary has totally healed up from his heart surgery and is doing fine.  I'll take a picture of his scar and post it sometime so you all can see how good it looks.  He still has Atrial Fibrillation most days.  He has had a test that they run to make sure no blood is pooling in his heart during the A-fib and it is not.

We are still homeschooling Hannah and are in our 4th year and she's a junior.  She rides at the barn every week and leases a horse.  She also take s STEM Science class in Wells, cooking in Scarborough and a theater class in Portland.  She's a busy girl!

My mother was diagnosed with dementia and now lives in a facility in Cape Elizabeth.  Dementia and Alzheimers are the cruelest diseases ever.  They steal your loved one right away in front of you, leaving a shell of a person that looks like your loved one but is not them.  I've done so much reading on both diseases.  The new normal is to never argue with my mother anymore. Whatever she says we just agree with.  It causes her too much stress to do otherwise.


Mrs. Who said...

I've been going through my blog (someone unpleasant found it, and I've been going through password protecting certain posts before I make it public again), and I found a link in one of my posts to your blog. I'm so sorry about your brother, and what you've had to go through with your husband. No wonder you've been 'absent'. But I remember reading about your daughter as a little girl, and now she's practically grown up and doing many, many wonderful things! Hope all continues well for you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.
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