Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 2010

A few clicks and I am in touch with my sister (Sue!), friends in Maine (Regina! Melody!) a friend in Hawaii (Hi Lauren!!!), an awesome friend down south (Hi Jean!!), a cool column writer (Hey Mike Todd!) and others around the world. That is what Facebook has done. It has made my life so much easier than Blogger, especially because I am not a writer anyway. Facebook doesn't require me to think up giant posts to write to let people know how I am doing... just a short status update and I am on my way.

Things are going well. Here are a few pix of the new Tennessee house.

Business Sold: check
House in Tennessee bought: check
Quadruple bypass: check
Freaking the F out: check


lime said...

you moved to tennessee? and someone had a quad bypass? egads!

Timestep said...

You are definitely not updating enough - or stopping by the board.

What is going on? Stop someplace (I guess I'm not on your facebook) and update us more on what's happening with your life.


mainiax said...

talk about change come find me on facebook I must agree is it so much easier than blogger,I just started using my blog again to keep track of my workouts but its more just for me now. to find me on facebook just use my email mainiax AT G Mail dot Com

NannyOgg said...

Happy 2010!

Your new house looks great,


noelle said...

I agree with the above...What? Did you have a quad bypass? Are you okay?

Mike Todd said...

You are too a writer! I'm confused about the Tennessee thing, but that's probably because I'm the worst Facebooker in the universe. That place looks awesome! I shall have to stalk you on Facebook to get to the bottom of this. I'm off!