Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back in the Saddle

You know I can't stay away for long.

The skies are blue, the grass is green...oh so green and lush with a million dandelions. We used to pick those fuzzy ones and tell Hannah to blow them to the wind. Now we are paying for that foolishness. I offer her 25¢ for every dandelion scalp she brings me for my coup belt but instead we spray Roundup™ all over the yard.

We miss Cinco so much. Grief is such a strange thing. At first, it was if all I could do was think about him and be so very sad. Yesterday, I realized that the entire day had almost gone by before I thought about him and I felt disloyal. Hannah and Gary have been talking about Shelly and how they can't wait for her to join the family. Shelly is the name they have picked out for our next member. I am not ready yet. The brunt of the training and taking care of a new puppy falls to me and I am just not ready to take that on.

Getting ready for my first garage sale this weekend. I had no idea we had so much crap in this house.


lime said...

glad you are ok. no need to rush into the next puppy. and good luck with the yard sale.

onemuse said...

(((Hugs))) on missing Cinco, girl. Give Hannah a hug, too. :o(

Ann said...

I understand your not being ready for the next puppy yet, while you're still missing Cinco so much.
And you have a lot going on. Give yourself time, especially since, as you say, you're the one who'll be caring for Shelly. She'll make her way to you when you're ready.
Have a great yard sale.
HUGS for you, Hannah and Gary. And Cinco.

Mike Todd said...

Good to have you back, Sheri, and so sorry for Cinco. I'm with you on the puppy training, too. Having a dog is pretty easy. Having a puppy is a full-time job. Best of luck whenever you feel ready for it.