Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TieDye Cake for Lime

If you like tie-dye things you'll appreciate this cake...... (House of Lime, this is in your honor!) Hannah and I had a blast making it and it was pretty tasty too!

Start out with a totally messy and clutter filled counter top. I mean seriously, the more crap you can have all over the top of it.... the better. It helps make trying to do anything on the counter...super fun! Take it from me... someone who knows. Good times!

Mix up the batter and color it. The colors we use came out nice except for the purple. I don't know what school you went to but when I learned Kindergarten Color 101, blue and red always made purple. However, in cake batter world blue and red make Putrid. I know, I know, it defies all logic to me too.

Layer the colors in the pans and bake them. I've only done 3 of the 6 colors so far in this pan.
The colors are done in reverse order in each pan. I guess this is so the amount of batter works out correctly or the earth doesn't tip off the axis.... whichever comes first. Whatever.... it works.
After it cools, slam the cakes together with some frosting and put some sprinkles you find in the cupboard that you didn't know you had and are dated 2004 but they tasted okay.
Ain't that purty?


Mike Todd said...

Groovy cake, man. Far out! Make cake, not war!

Seriously, that is a good-lookin' cake. Makes me hungry to look at it. Very cool.

lime said...

ok, i am way late getting here but man that is truly an awesome looking thing! i love it!