Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gary is leaving for Nashville or Memphis or Flippin, Arkansas or wherever his boat is right now. He and Josh leave Wednesday about 3pm and will drive through, pick up the boat if they can find it and fish for a couple days before heading back north. Gary is hoping that Ranger can get his boat to Memphis and then Dick might be able to scoot over and pick it up for him. Gosh - so many crucial details!! Secretly, I am glad I am not going on this road trip because he is on such a mission to get his boat there will be no time for anything else. *note to Jean: Sorry Jean! You're on your own with the psychosis that is Gary and his boat. Bless you.
Tomorrow I am picking up 10 lobsters, cooked and packed on ice, for them to bring to Dick & Jean. Jean is going to make a lobster stew for the guys. Maybe she'll have enough to make herself a lobster roll as well.
Gary, Hannah and I have big changes coming in our lives within the next year or so. I can't say what they are yet because nothing is concrete but as details unfold... I will document them here.

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well shoot, now i really want to know....