Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Florida Trip 09

I thought I'd share a few pictures from Gary's trip to Florida. He always has such a good time and I'm glad he gets a chance to go fishing with his buddies.... like he never* gets to do THAT. *insert snort

Here's Dick... he's the one who brings his boat down from the Nashville area and picks up the guys at the Orlando airport. It's about a 12 hour drive for Dick and he and the guys time it so he just swings into the Orlando airport, picks up the Maine men and head off to their rented place and fish for a week. A week later, Dick drops them back at the airport and drives back to Nashville. This year, they had a little extra wait for Dick so the Maine men passed the time at Hooters because it was the only restaurant in Orlando near the airport. Really? Who knew?

Here's my guy... who assures me that only homely girls work at Hooters. HA! He sure loves to fish. I'm such a good wife to let him fish so much... don't you agree?

I mean is it really this much fun? It looks like the same fish to me... but it's not.
Nice fish.

Here is where it gets interesting. Gary caught a tiny gator on a Senko (a soft plastic bait) and Jerry wanted to hold it. Here is Jerry with the tiny gator which they released after taking pictures. I love Jerry's wind blown hair that is sticking straight up!

Speaking of interesting.... my blog was reviewed, rather scathingly here. I tried to take the criticism with my big girl panties on but it still smarted. I knew I was boring but it still hurt to have it blasted over the internet. I did make some changes to my blog because I didn't want to make anyone ill with the dreadful colors I had, or the loser header or whatever else the reviewer said. Oh well.

I can't tell you how many times in the past 5 years of blogging that my blog has come in handy when I need to recall when we did something. If only for that... my blog has been indispensable for me.


Cecily said...

Fuck those stupid people. what a stupid, annoying, petty fucking site to exist at all. I'm sorry that happened to you!

tims_mom said...

That so called "blog rater" can go to Hell. Who does he/she think they are? Whatever.

JMB said...

Hey-- it's one person's opinion-- that's what makes the world go round. Write for yourself--

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think those blog reviewers have a LITTLE too much time on their hands! Get a life people! I LOVE your blog, and look for updates daily! But, maybe I'm biased.....

Plus...we had Mr. Jardine for English so what do we know about the proper use of strikeouts?

Keep bloggin,

Love Bites said...

For the record, we don't review ANYONE who doesn't ask for a review. Sheri: In all fairness, you knew who we were before we reviewed you. And, you waited months to be reviewed.

NannyOgg said...

I love the alligator! And I love the blog too, that reviewer should get a life. Or not, I don't really care. I can form my own opinions without her help, thank you very much.

Shrug it off and keep blogging!


lime said...

i'm with you. i can't see the difference between the fish. the alligator...yeesh!

don't sweat the review. you blog for yourself and if it has proven useful for you then good. if you want suggestions for improvement i am sure you could find far more constructive criticism given far more politely elsewhere.

Jules said...

I'm curious if you submitted your blog for a critique or not?

I laughed when I saw how they tear blogs apart...heck, they'd see mine and say I was overly obsessed with my kid. The funny thing is, I don't write it for too many people except those who want to see pictures and hear stories about our girl.

We ALL blog for ourselves. It's why it's a LOG/DIARY. Sure, don't go back if it's boring (since I stopped posting so much about politics, my hits have fallen from 100 to 33 a day, but I get a lot less crap from people too. LOL)

But I love what you write, and I enjoy your slice of Maine life. Do what you do Sheri, and be yourself! We like you just the way you are!


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Jered said...

Boy, when my dad and I went fishing we never caught fish that big. Then again, we never went fishing where you could catch an alligator.

Just figured I would stop by your blog and see how things were going with your family. I got lazy with the whole blogging thing - I'm bad like that.

Spring is around the corner - hope all is well with the family.

Andrea said...

Just found you via Cecily's blog.

Your scathing reviewer asks, "I don't know what to do with a blog like hers."

My answer: Don't read it.

There ya go.

(Except I'll keep reading cause I like it so far! :) )

liz said...

Cecily sent me. Those are some awesome pix!!!

Mike Todd said...

If I caught a gator like that, I'd definitely get my dad to take it off the hook.