Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years 2009

I'll start this post off by saying Happy New Year to all! I hope 2009 brings you all much health and happiness and winning scratch tickets. We went to a NYEve party up in Leeds.... a quiet affair with a few other couples and Hannah. We had a wonderful time!

Here is Princess.... aka The Kitty Who Shoots Fire With Her Eyes.
We hadn't been at the party for five minutes yet and Gary was on the floor already. Cindy had mentioned that her oven wasn't working and that she had called a (gasp! horror! shock!) repairman. Gary hates the word repairman because that means that someone might know something he doesn't. Thus, onto the floor he went, yelling for a straight slot screwdriver. He didn't let that fact that Cindy was trying to get ready for a party, in her kitchen in less than in hour. He had to fully disassemble the entire oven before he was satisfied. He just had to make sure a real repairman was really needed. One was.
We played games of LCR. Such a fun game! We had 8-9 people playing per hand so the pot was $24 to $27 each time. I won twice! woohoo! Hannah is showing her best one eyed pirate face.
Henry really liked winning! He was seriously laughing like an evil fucker when I took this picture.
Steve carved up the ham and what a fine job he did.
We really enjoyed some great food and rang in the New Year and then went to bed.


lime said...

LOL, i love hannah's pirate face. that's a hoot!

NannyOgg said...

Happy New Year!


Donna said...

Sheri - your posts are always so refreshing because they are so honest, real, and great! Happy New Year!