Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puppy Poop Problems

Remember those puzzle games where they show you pictures and you have to guess what it means? Well, here is a few that depict our Nashville vacation so far.
We brought Cinco with us and although he travels very well..... his delicate little digestion system can't handle all the movement, water change, time change, strange house, strange dogs in said house AND cats with large claws. in said house.
Needless to say, when we arrived at our destination and I saw the very, very light beige, almost white, carpet of the room we were staying in... my hiney cringed. I truly had no idea that a 12 pound dog could hold 73 pounds of poop.


Mike Todd said...

Hope you're having a great trip to Nashville. If it's any consolation, we just found out yesterday that our 35 pound dog can hold about four gallons of barf. Until she gets inside, I mean.

JMB said...

It really wasn't that bad! Cinco came into a house with geriatric poodles and super stressed siamese cats. Those rugs have seen more than Cinco can dish out.

Lauren said...

Sheri... poop, or no poop, that's one adorable pooch!!!