Friday, October 31, 2008

Colonial Days

Today, Hannah's 5th grade class visited Old York Village in full costume. They were planning to spend the day as children in Colonial Times. This is how she looked before getting on the bus this morning. Mom did a wonderful job making Hannah's costume.

Hannah said they made butter today and used the buttermilk to make biscuits, which she said were "totally gross, Mom!". They also made their own lunch which was a vegetable stew with ham on the side. They played colonial games and spun wool into yarn. All in all, I think it was a wonderful experience for her.

The days have been getting shorter and it is getting darker much earlier. I miss the days when it was light until 8pm. Now, after supper, it's dark already and we still haven't set the clocks back. The leaves have not all fallen off the trees yet but there has been some hard frosts in the mornings.

I can not wait for this election to be over. Seriously, it has brought out the best and worst in people that I know in my life... including online. As I told someone by email today..... whether the candidate I have already voted for (absentee ballot) wins or not... the earth will still spin and the sun will still rise. I might not like it... but I will cope with it and support whoever earns the right to be called President. I don't' have to agree with or like everything he does, but as an American, I feel it is my duty to support him, chosen by the majority of my countrymen, while he is in office.

United we stand.

Divided we fall.

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lime said...

she's a very fetching colonial girl.

and well said regarding the outcome of the election. i can't wait for it to be o.v.e.r!